I never thought I’d be one of those people who have a blog because it seems they have important things to say/show to the world that just cannot remain unnoticed. But it is also true that I have recently fallen in love with my Minolta, an analog camera, which now follows me everywhere. Then I thought:

‘F*** it!’, I want you to see what I see through my lens. (You’ve got to be cliché all the way.)

None of the photos here have been Photoshopped nor edited. I have been using Lomography® film which explains the colors on some of them. One after the other, I have scanned them to what, I hope, will be your great delight!

(Sometimes, we’ll have some photos from my Polaroid® too.)



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Hey,

    Jsais pas comment mais je suis tombé par hasard sur ton blog!!! Soit t’as fait une excellente affaire avec ton appareil a 5 euros soit tu dechires (option la plus crédible) tes photos sont vraiment belles!!! Continue … et by the way Salute

    • Hawa ?! C’est toi carrément ?! Eh bien merci beaucoup pour tes jolis compliments 🙂 Je suis contente que mes photos te plaisent et j’espère que tu continueras à jeter un petit coup d’oeil ! J’espère que tu vas bien ? Bye !!!

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